The Ein Gedi Eco Park began with the creation of a Mini Zoo for the children of Kibbutz Ein Gedi in the 1970s. In 2001-02, field staff from the regional NGO EcoPeace Middle East took over the management of the zoo and offered hands-on environmental classes on-site for the local elementary school.

Over years, EcoPeace brought sustainable practices to the Eco Park. Today, Ein Gedi Eco Park has several mud structures, a wetland that recycles grey water from a nearby kindergarten building, various solar cookers, composters, and two dry compost toilets.

EcoPeace’s Water Trustees and students from the nearby high school have all been involved in the development of the Eco Park. The Tamar Regional Council’s Research and Development Center has situated their new research station for solar energy, and are conducting their cost benefit studies on different electric light bulbs, on the premises of this Eco Center. Students from the local high school will conduct studies on renewable energy as well as other research projects dealing with composting, irrigating with recycled grey water, and more. Last year students conducted research on irrigation, using saline water, different types of composting methods, and studied the growth of algae in Dead Sea waters.

Ein Ged Eco Park aims to educate students from the Middle East region, and other visitors as well, on ways to reduce our impact on the environment and promote green solutions for our daily needs.


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